To learn more and to register for the May 25, 2024 Wagging Tails United Dock Diving Paws & Stripes outdoor dock jumping competition, visit here

Wagging Tails OUTDOOR Dock Diving Pool and Dock is open 7 days from May 1st to October 1st at 802 Boundline Rd Wolcott CT

Wagging Tails INDOOR dock diving pool and dock is open 7 days year round at 635 New Park Ave West Hartford CT

During the above mentioned months, each pool is open 7 days a week for rentals, pool pawties, daily swimming by our daycare and boarding guests, swim lessons, dock diving coaching, training and events.

To reserve your dog's pool time, contact us at (860) 621-7387 (Pets)

Is your dog full of energy and just jumping at the chance to expend it? Does he love to swim, retrieve and run at amazing speeds? Then, visit either of Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw's location, and consider joining the Wagging Tails Dock Diving Dogs Club

Your dog will LOVE dock diving!

Wagging Tails is proud to have a gorgeous, state-of-the-art, fully-certified Dock Diving Pool for dogs in Connecticut. Dock diving is a very popular, quickly growing sport for dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes. Dogs run down a 40′ dock and compete to jump the furthest into our 45' pool, the highest to retrieve a dangling toy, or the fastest to retrieve a floating toy. Wagging Tails hosts many dock diving events YEAR ROUND. This family-friendly sport is an awesome opportunity to bond with your dog, expend their energy, and meet other pet loving parents.  

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Not sure if your dog will jump?  TRY IT sessions and Training sessions are scheduled every weekend from mid May through September. Please contact us at (860) 621-7387 (PETS) to reserve your dog's spot in our sessions.

So, what is Dock Diving?    (If you’re already familiar with the sport, and want to skip ahead to schedule Training or Advanced Dock Diving Training, click here)

The fantastic thing about the sport of dock diving is, that any dog, and any human over the age of 7, can learn together, to become a fabulous dock diving team.  If you can throw a toy, and if your dog will run to get that toy, then that’s the first step to beginning to dock dive.  It’s easy and fun for both you and your dog. There are distance jumps into the pool (Long Jumps). There are speed chases in the water, where your dog chases a toy (Speed Jumps). There are high flying competitions where dogs jump off the dock to retrieve a stationary toy hung high above the water (Hang Time) and (Catch It) where dogs fly off the dock to hopefully catch a toy that you have thrown for them.

History about the sport of dock diving: 

Dock Diving was introduced over 20 years ago.  There are now several governing dock diving organizations that hold competitions throughout the world.  

Who are we?   Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw, a full service, award winning, pet care facility, offering daycare, boarding, grooming and training,  is also home to Wagging Tails Dock Diving Dogs Club. a group of pet parents who love having an activity to do with their pet.  Members are at all different levels of dock diving skills- from just trying it out, to beginners from last season, to those that have been participating in the sport for 5 to 10 years. The focus here is fun, support, education, respect, kindness and assistance with our dogs and our families, in support of this fast growing sport.  You do not need to be a member to take swim lessons, to participate in Try Its, to rent the pool, or to compete in the events.  HOWEVER, we suggest that you do become a member because members receive HUGE discounts and savings throughout the season!  There is a discounted Member Fee, and a Non Member fee for each of our services.  For example – Pool Rentals are $10 less for Members.   There are so many benefits to membership, that we have listed them here.  If you would like to join Wagging Tails Dock Diving Dogs Club you can easily do so here

Here is a photo of our beautiful 40' dock and 45' saltwater pool.


How did the pool at Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw come to be? 

Well, it was all the idea of a 9 year old, little girl!  The owner of Wagging Tails’ daughter, Natalie, wanted to participate in a sport with her chocolate lab, Harley.  At 9 years old she was having a hard time finding agility training courses that allowed her participation, and she couldn’t really throw a frisbee well enough to participate in disc events. But, she could throw a toy! And Harley LOVED to retrieve toys and ADORED swimming! 

So, Natalie did her research on the sport of dock diving.  We quickly discovered that there was only one other dock diving pool for dogs in CT.  So, with nearly 6 acres and plenty of space to add a pool, (what’s a pet resort without a pool? Right!)  and with a lot of planning and construction, a 40’ regulation dock and a 45’ saltwater pool was erected here and became Wagging Tails Dock Diving Dogs Club at Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw! 

Youth Handlers

Wagging Tails is a family-run pet resort. Our pets are part of our family, and we strongly feel that dock diving is a family sport. Having youths involved with their pets in this sport promotes teamwork, confidence, responsibility, patience and dedication. Kids AND their dogs will love participating in dock diving!

During practices and competitions, Youth Handlers must be accompanied by an adult on the dock,and must wear their own (you provide) lifejacket. Since the pool is 4′ deep, Youth Handlers must be able to swim. At all times, children are not allowed on the dock or in the pool unsupervised.

Youth Handlers are supported and encouraged to participate!  Youth Handlers are age 7 to 16. Youths must be able to swim to be on the dock.  Natalie, who is now 12 years old is thrilled to introduce other youths into this sport. In fact, Wagging Tails offers Youth Try It Sessions, specifically geared towards Youth Handlers! We are determined to spread the word and to introduce many more youths to support the future of this fun sport! We love our dogs. They are part of the family. What better way to spend time with them than participating in an event TOGETHER!  😊


Pool Policies

  • Please pick up after your pet. Pet waste removal stations are located throughout the property.
  • Please dispose of any trash in receptacles. We ask that you keep the property as clean as you found it.
  • No smoking or vaping is allowed on Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw property.
  • No dogs in heat allowed on the property.
  • Dogs under 6 months of age are able to take swim lessons, and participate in Try It Sessions,  but are unable to compete in events.
  • No e-collars or prong collars are allowed on dogs while in the pool area.
  • No retractable leashes.
  • No people are allowed in the pool. Dogs only!
  • All dogs must be registered at the front desk.
  • Bathrooms are located at the porta-potties in the front of the building.
  • A pool use contract and liability waiver must be signed prior to entering pool area.
  • Owner must provide proof of rabies, parvo, distemper vaccines.
  • Payment is due for all services at time of reservation.
  • Events and classes are rain or shine. They are non-refundable.

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