NEW! Opened in October 2023... we are thrilled to offer your dog a huge, heated, indoor pool, and dock diving facility at Wagging Tails' West Hartford location!! 

The POOCH POOL is NOW OPEN AND AVAILABLE 7 days a week. Pool use is from 7AM to 7PM. Last pool rental is at 6PM. 

In addition to the indoor pool offered for daily swimming to our pet resort daycare and boarding guests, Wagging Tails offers:

Swim Lessons for dogs, Pool Pawties, Indoor Dock Diving Try It Sessions, Indoor Dock Diving Competitions, Dock Diving Coaching and Training, Pool Rentals for swimming and dock diving practice, and Dock Diving League Memberships

What's a resort without a pool? Right!?  For years, we've offered outdoor swimming pools at both Wagging Tails Pet Resort locations, for use during the Spring and Summer months.  Well....for those dogs that LOVE to swim, Wagging Tails is very excited to announce that we will now have year-round swimming available which is PAWFECT for those of us here in New England! Now your dog can swim and dock dive year-round!

We're the only daycare in Central CT that offers an indoor pool!  This pool enables us to provide add-on swimming activities during daycare and boarding.  This means that your dog can swim indoors EVERY DAY this Fall through Spring! (Outdoor pools will open for the Spring and Summer). We know there are so many dogs that love to swim, but New England's weather BRRR! doesn't allow for year-round outdoor swimming.  So, Wagging Tails has heard your requests and we've transformed our indoor dog park, into an indoor swimming and dock diving facility, with a regulation competition size 40' dock and 40' swimming pool for dogs!  The pool is heated.  If requested, for an additional fee, we offer a warm blow-dry session after your dog's swim. Please note that for their safety, a K9 Lifeguard is always present while the pool is in use by our daycare and boarding canine guests.  We have life jackets available in all sizes. All Wagging Tails staff are trained and certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. 

All dogs that enter our facilities are required to be up to date on vaccines. Proof is required. Registration is required. 



SEE BELOW FOR POOL RULES AND POLICIES. Payment is required at time of reservation.

Swim Lessons - if your dog doesn't know how to swim, or needs some practice, our experienced Swim Instructors will guide your pet to become calm and confident in the water.  Swim lessons must be reserved in advance. We offer 2 types of Swim Lessons. One can be scheduled during your dog's day while here during daycare, or during your dog's stay while boarding. Your dog will receive one-on-one time to slowly acclimate to entering the pool, while our patient and experienced trainers will enter the pool with your dog and a lifejacket, to begin swimming. $45 approximately half hour.

Private Swim Lessons If you would prefer to be present during the lesson, or if your dog is not a daycare or boarding guest, or you're not yet a park of our pack, you are still of course, welcome to reserve Private Swim Lessons.  This service is where you are able to observe the lesson. Lessons are available by appointment only.  $65 per dog for approximately one hour. 

Daycare & Boarding Pool Passes - (see ad with discounted Pool Pass Packages below) the pool will be open daily for all of our daycare and boarding guests to enjoy as an add-on activity. Your dog will enjoy swim time with any other dogs signed up to swim for the day.   $13 per day, per dog or discount Pool Pass Package. Daycare and boarding fees additional.

Dock Diving Try It Sessions - if your dog loves to swim, has a strong toy/prey drive, and will do anything to get into the water, then the up-and-coming, FUN, family sport of dock diving may just be for you and him to enjoy!  For the last 6 years, Wagging Tails has offered an exterior dock and pool, open from May through October 1st at our Wolcott location.  Now with our new indoor dock and pool, you won't have to wait until the Spring for a Try It session!  Try It dates will be posted soon. Attendance is limited, so we recommend signing up as soon as we post them. $45 per dog. Please note that there will be other dogs at these sessions. Reservations required. Proof of up to date rabies vaccines are required. If you are traveling to our pool in CT from a different state, please provide proof of your state's rabies vaccine. 

Pool Rentals for Dock Diving  the Pooch Pool is available for Private Rentals for your dock diving team to practice all games associated with dock diving. We have a Fetch It rig available for use as well. Please bring your dog's favorite floating toy and towel.  Toys are also available for sale in our lobby. See below for pricing. 

Pool Rentals for Dog Swimming The Pooch Pool is available for rentals for your dog to come and swim! This is awesome for those dogs who LOVE to swim but can't go to the beach, lake or outdoor pool in the cold CT weather! See below for pricing.

INFO FOR POOL RENTALS:   Please note that this is not a pool for humans to swim in! Humans are not allowed on the ramp into the water, or in the pool. Pool is available for rent, 7 days a week. 7AM to 7PM. Unless an event is scheduled.  Later times may be requested in advance, however, the last rental regularly is at 6PM.  Due to the popularity and use of the pool, please note that we have strict no show and cancellation policies. Dogs must be registered with Wagging Tails and all service contracts must be signed prior to pool use. Dogs must be current on rabies vaccines in CT or in your state of residence. Please note, that if 2 or more dogs are attending at one time, while one dog is dock diving or swimming, the second dog must be under the control of another attendee or crated, in the pool area. However, 2 or more dogs may swim in the pool at the same time. Dogs are not allowed to run free in the aquatic area while the dock and pool are in use. Reservations are required.

Please note that if you are bringing 2 dogs, you are required to rent for 60 minutes or more.  If you are renting for one dog you have the option to rent the pool for 30 OR 60 MINUTES.   2 Dogs MUST rent pool for 60 minutes or more. 3 dogs, must rent pool for a minimum of 90 minutes (1.5 hours) or more.   If bringing 4 dogs there is a minimum rental time of 2 hours. All dogs must be registered in our Wagging Tails system and up to date on rabies vaccine.  See below for pricing and call us for more information. Pricing is subject to change and does not include CT Sales Tax.

Pool Rental Pricing: 

Options for one dog - is $55 for 30 minutes. $70 for 60 minutes. 

For UP to 2 dogs is $70 for 60 minutes.  $125 for 90 minutes. $140 for 120 minutes. 

For 3 dogs a minimum of a 1.5 hour or 90 minutes rental is required at $125 for 90 minutes.  $140 for 120 minutes or 2 hours. 

For 4 dogs a minimum of 2 hours, or 120-minute rental is required at $140. 

For 5 dogs or more, please contact us for pricing. 

Stay tuned for Pool Rental Packages coming soon! 

Dock Diving Coaching/Training - our experienced trainers will work with you and your dog to improve their jump lengths, your throwing, their catches, and work with your team on all dock diving games.  Children over 7 years of age, Youth Handlers, are encouraged to try this sport! If your youth can throw a toy, and your dog will swim and jump to retrieve it, then this is a sport for them to enjoy TOGETHER! $65 per hour, per dog. Reservations required.

League Nights - Join Friday Night Flying Fur and Sunday FUNDAY Leagues - where a group of friendly dock diving dogs and fun family members meet up to practice, socialize, learn, encourage, and just have fun! Snacks are served for humans and dogs.  Space is limited, so when we post the schedule, we recommend signing up asap! 5 weeks for $200. League Night dates are TBD. Does not have to be used consecutively. 

Private Pool Pawties -Celebrate your dog's birthday or gotcha day!  Rent the pool for your dog and up to 10 of their friends to swim and play for up to 1.5 hours. We provide the invites, the birthday cake, goodie bags and games. Contact us for pricing starting at $200.

Dock Diving Competitions - Wagging Tails will host dock diving competitions and Fun Jumps for United Dock Diving and International Dog Sports.  Stay tuned for monthly competition dates and for the pool rental, try it, swim lesson schedules.   Indoor competitions are held monthly from October through April. Outdoor competitions are held at Wagging Tails outdoor dock diving pool in Wolcott CT from May through September.

Spread the word - Wagging Tails is Connecticut's only indoor dock diving facility!  We look forward to seeing many dogs jumping through the Fall and Winter months! 

Discount Swim Pool Pass Packages for our daycare and boarding guests are available for purchase. See pricing below.

WHAT TO BRING WHEN YOU RENT THE POOL:  When entering our lobby, all dogs must be on a 6 ft or shorter leash. Please check in at the front desk. Proof of rabies is required. Please present this at time of reservation. If you state that you will be bring proof of rabies with you and do not, then your time will be forfeited and there are no refunds.  Bring your dog's favorite floating toy and water bowl.  We sell several different kinds that we use and recommend in our lobbies.  We have life jackets available for use by the pool. We also sell them in our lobby.  

The aquatic area has plenty of hooks to hang jacket and supplies, seating, a water fountain, dock squeegee, complimentary coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. We also provide poop bag dispenser, paper towels, mop and bucket and sanitary cleaners.  We ask that you clean up after yourself and your dog so that everyone can enjoy a clean, sanitary, safe and healthy environment!

Discount POOL PASSES are for our registered daycare and boarding guests to be used while your dog is in daycare or boarding and are not for Private Pool Rentals. 


*Important info* Please note- because this is an INDOOR facility, there IS a ceiling. Some dogs are conditioned to jump high in outdoor facilities. As this facility is indoor and has a ceiling, if you have a jump height concern, BEFORE you register for an event or league, we highly recommend you first come to rent the pool facility to see if you would like to participate in competition or league events. If your dog jumps very high and you have concerns, then rent the pool first. If your dog jumps very high and very vertical, and you have concerns, please do not sign up for events and wait until the warmer season to use the outdoor pool at Wagging Tails' Wolcott CT facility. OR be prepared to learn to throw differently for maximum indoor results, and for safety. We offer coaching and training to achieve these results. We do not offer this training during competitions or League Nights. Please contact us to schedule a pool rental or coaching/training session. Your sign-up event registration form is confirmation that you have read and understand this and the following information. No refunds.

 *Also note* If your dog is not yet jumping off the dock or ramp, then first schedule a Try It Session. Dogs that are part of the competition must be jumping off the dock or the ramp. It doesn’t matter if they jump 1’ or 31’ - all length jumpers are welcome. But they do need to be jumping off the dock or ramp. Unfortunately we cannot take the time during the competition to conduct Try It sessions. So we request that you schedule those in advance. If your dog jumps and swims at a Try it session then we will definitely recommend and invite you to join the competition!

**Also be advised that Indoor Dock Diving is different than an outdoor environment. If you have been to an indoor Nationals Competition, then you are aware of the difference. If not, then this information is to aid you and your dog in having the best experience possible.  In addition to the ceiling, the environment inside with barking dogs, a microphone and sound system, can create an echo. We know that the sight of the pool can excite dogs and cause them to bark. We ask that you keep your dog’s barking to as much of a minimum, as you can. If you have sound/barking concerns, we recommend that you bring a travel crate for your dog and ear plugs. As this facility is also a pet resort, if we have availability, we do offer private rooms, crates, kennels and space to comfortably confine your dog in a quieter area, in between dock time. Just ask! If you prefer to work out of your car, we understand. Please be advised that it is winter in New England! 

Policies and rules are specifically stated in our contract agreements that are esigned at time of registration.  

  1. Reservations are required for Pool Rentals, Swim Lessons, Try Its, Dock Diving Training and Water Therapy Sessions.
  2. Full payment is required at the time of reservation. Credit Card or Paypal.
  3. Event preregistration (Try Its, Competitions, Fun Jumps, Pool Pawties) is available online at through your client portal. Wagging Tails reserve the right to close registration prior to the event based on event capacity. Credit card or Paypal only. We do not accept checks.
  4. We require 24 hours notification of any cancellation of appointments/sessions. If you cancel prior to 24 hours, you will receive a credit on your account for future use. We do not issue refunds. If you cancel within 24 hours or less of your appointment, or you are a no show, you will forfeit your fee. Again, there are no refunds. The pool is open 7 days a week, from October through April. In the event of inclement weather, the business owner will determine if the pool will be closed. If the pool is closed, then the client will receive a store credit on account for future use.
  5. Check-in for pool rental reservation is inside the lobby. All dogs must be leashed, 6ft or less, when entering the lobby. Check in for EVENT registration is located in the pool area. Entrance to the pool area is on the side of the main building. 
  6. There is only one public restroom available during rentals. During Events, port-a-potties will be located in the parking area.
  7. Park in designated areas only. All others will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  8. Close all gates behind you as you go through them.
  9. There will be spray bottles with sanitizing solution. We ask that you please spray all gate handles, kennel handles, dock handles and surfaces that you touch with the solution and maintain a 6 ft distance away from other participants.
  10. Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to, or leave 15 minutes later, than your scheduled rental/lesson time. Do not use the pool past your scheduled time. If you arrive 15 minutes past your reserved time, your pool rental will be forfeited. No refunds.
  11. Please pick up after your dogs. Pet waste removal bags and stations are posted in the pool area.
  12. No humans are allowed in the pool. Authorized personnel only, (Wagging Tails staff and trainers), are allowed in the pool. This pool is for dogs, not human recreation. There is no human swimming in the pool.
  13. No humans are allowed on the ramp into the pool. Authorized personnel only, Wagging Tails staff and trainers, are allowed as needed on this ramp.
  14. A maximum of 2 people at a time is allowed on the dock.
  15. Handlers under 7 yrs. old must wear a life jacket or be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the dock.
  16. Dogs that are at the pool for the first time, that are unable to swim, or are deemed unsure if they are able to swim, must wear dog lifejackets, located by the pool. Lifejackets are property of WT and must be returned at end of pool session. If you wish to purchase lifejackets, they are located for sale in our lobby.
  17. Dogs in heat are NOT allowed on the property.
  18. Any dog that appears to be ill or injured may be asked to leave the dock and pool area.
  19. Choke collars, e-collars, prong collars, gentle leaders, halti-collars, or any other collar other than a quick release collar, are not allowed on the dock. Any collars of this nature must be removed prior to the dog entering the dock and/or the pool.
  20. Client is responsible for any damage made to the pool, turf, dock, deck, restricted area during their use. Client will be responsible to repair damage to the state the area was in prior to the damage. Financial reimbursement to Wagging Tails property owner, or replacement of damaged items, area, is responsibility of the client.
  21. All dogs must be on 6 ft maximum leash while inside the pool area. No Flexi leashes allowed. Do not leave dog(s) unattended for any reason. 
  22. There is no eating, smoking, vaping or alcohol consumption allowed on property. Snacking during League Night will be provided and allowed. 
  23. Wagging Tails is to be held harmless for any last-minute closing of the pool for weather, cleaning, repairs or any reason whatsoever.
  24. Enter the pool area, dock, ramps and stairs at your own risk. Wagging Tails is not liable for any injuries, accidents that occur while on property or any damage to client’s personal property.
  25. Up to date rabies vaccines are required for each dog utilizing our facilities. Proof is required. If you are coming from out of state, your state of residence rabies vaccine record is accepted.
  26. We offer 30 and 60 minute pool rentals for one dog.  For 2 dogs, 60 minutes or more pool rentals. If you arrive with 2 dogs and have reserved only 30 minutes, you will be charged the additional fee.  For 3 or more dogs, a minimum of 1.5 hours of pool time must be rented. For 4 dogs a minimum of 2 hours is required.  If you arrive with more dogs than what has been reserved for, Wagging Tails reserves the right to charge additional fee per dog. 
  27. HAVE FUN!