Mobile Grooming

All we need is a place to park and a pet to pamper! Wagging Tails Mobile Grooming provides your dog, cat or bunny with a luxury bath and trim right at your door. Our skilled and certified groomers place an emphasis on the health, safety and comfort of your pet. Our modern, fully-equipped vans come with all the tools we need to fully service your pet’s grooming needs. Services are available 7 days a week, with daytime and evening appointments available. View our service area.

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Why Choose Mobile Grooming?

Mobile grooming is perfect for all pets, especially senior pets and puppies. Our groomers are very experienced, talented, gentle, patient, courteous, professionally-trained adults. Some of the MANY benefits of mobile grooming include:

  • We come to your home or office. Our convenient services eliminate your travel and your pet's stress. No inconvenient pick up or drop off times.
  • Your pet is the ONLY focus of our grooming attention. There are no other pets in the van with yours.
  • No cages! When your pet is done, they are brought back into your home. And they don’t have to wait at a groom salon in a cage to be picked up.
  • Unlike most grooming salons that sanitize only once daily at the end of the day, in our mobile van, the tub, table, grooming supplies, tools and entire work area of the van are sanitized between each and every groom appointment.
  • Your pet is fluff dryed and NOT cage dried! This means that after your pet’s bath, unlike grooming salons, your pet is hand dried by the groomer with a gentle, specially-made fluff dryer. In most grooming salons, pets are put in cages with dryers attached and cage dried. But there are no cages in the van. None. PERIOD! Your pet will not have to sit in a cage to wait their turn to be groomed or to dry.
  • Your pet receives individual care and attention. If you have multiple pets to be groomed, to reduce stress, each is done individually. Meaning that they wait their turn in your home!
  • We use all natural products to bathe and clean your pet.
  • We use FRESH water to bathe your pet. There are 2 separate water tanks: one for clean water, and one for gray water. We do not recycle the gray water.
  • We do not empty the gray water in your driveway.
  • We do not need to plug into your home. Our van is equipped with a fully-operational generator system.
  • Our mobile groom service is licensed and insured.

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Groom Gallery

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Our Vans

Mobile Grooming

They're not just any vans; they're a grooming salon on wheels! Wagging Tails’ custom mobile grooming vans are fully equipped with all the equipment that a professional groomer requires. The modern vans are equipped with quiet generators, heat, air conditioning and two water tanks. One fresh water tank, and one for the “gray” (dirty) water. Your pet is always bathed with clean, warm water in a relaxing bath.

The stainless steel tubs are specially designed for our vans and fit any breed or size. The custom, electric groom tables lower right to the floor. This allows older, arthritic and big dogs, to step right onto the table. The table is also equipped with a retractable ramp. It provides a comfortable access for your dog to step right into and out of the tub, directly from the table. Our gentle, super sudser spray provides your pet with a massaging bath. Your pet is hand dried by our efficient force air dryers. They gently dry and fluff at a low speed, or at a high speed loosen dirt and remove excess undercoat.

We use Nature’s Specialty 100% All Natural groom products. If you have a specific product that you would like us to use on your pet, we are happy to do so.