Wagging Tails Air Dogs Club Membership

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Who are we?   Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw, a full service, award winning, pet care facility, offering daycare, boarding, grooming and training, is also home to Wagging Tails Air Dogs Club. WAGTAD, (as club members affectionately call it), is a group of pet parents who love having an activity to do with their pet. 

Members are at all different levels of dock diving skills- from just trying it out, to beginners from last season, to those that have been participating in the sport for 5 to 10 years. The focus here is comradery, support, education, respect, kindness and assistance with our dogs and our families, in support of this fast growing sport. 

You do not need to be a member of WAGTAD to take swim lessons, to participate in Try Its, to rent the pool, or to compete in the events.  HOWEVER, we suggest that you do become a member because members receive HUGE discounts and savings throughout the season!  There is a discounted Member Fee, and a Non Member fee for each of our services.  For example – Pool Rentals are $10 less for Members.   There are so many benefits to membership, that we have listed them here.  If you would like to join WAGTAG you can easily do so here. 

Memberships is only $85 for the entire year for 2 dogs in one family.  Additional dogs are $20 per year.  Your membership fee aids in our pool/dock/grounds maintenance and upkeep, meals (club provides meals during events) and offers you so many benefits.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Discounted event registration (that's $5 off PER Splash/or It event at each WAGTAD event)  That means if you sign up to do 4 splashes in our first event and   Chase It and Catch It - you already save $30!!!  Now multiply that by each of our 6  competition weekends and the additional savings below and you can see that it is   SO WORTH IT to become a WAGTAD member! 
  • FREE Open Dock  on specified Club Member Days! That's right! Each month, maybe even more than once a month (!), we will have a specified date and time for your use of the pool and dock.   Registration is required.  First FREE Open Dock date is Friday May 7th, 5 to 7pm.
  • discounted Club Member Only Practice Time held nearly every weekend of the season (that's $5 to $10 off per weekend)  Each weekend we will have specific times when the pool is open for dock diving practice for CLUB MEMBERS ONLY, with discounted fees. See Event Calendar for dates and times.
  • discounted Pool Rentals ($10 off per rental
  • discounted Try It Classes ($5 off per class)
  • discounted Group and Private Dock Diving Training Classes ($5 off per class)
  • discounted Workshops 
  • invitations to Club Only Events including Fun Jumps, BBQs, Holiday Parties  See Event Calendar for dates and times
  • opportunity to participate in Club raffles to win money and prizes!
  • opportunity to win FREE pool rentals each month May thru September, names are randomly drawn from all members list. Non transferable.
  • a really cool looking FREE WAGTAD Club t-shirt 
  • discounted WAGTAD merchandise (really cool shirts, hats and fun WAGTAD stuff)
  • access to the private WAGTAD Member's Only Facebook page
  • and introducing in 2022, the opportunity to earn Wagging Tails Air Dogs Club  TITLES with AWARDS for your dog! YUP! WAGTAD will have additional awards and titles unique only to OUR CLUB! :) Ribbons, rosettes, medals and trophies! 
  • discounted hotel rates procured for club members for travel to UAD Nationals
  • all members are entered into a drawing at the end of the season for the chance to win a FREE membership the following season! 
    Membership runs through April 30, 2023. 
  • For more information and to join the WAGTAD club visit here

To register for the 2022 season upcoming events visit here!