Dock Diving Events

Wagging Tails Air Dogs Club is an Ultimate Air Dogs sanctioned facility. You do not have to be a Wagging Tails Air Dogs Club Member (WAGTAD) to participate or compete in our events. However, we recommend you consider joining our fun, fantastic and friendly club! 

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2022 Dock Diving Competitions at Wagging Tails

May 21 & 22, 2022 : "Jump Into Summer"  

June 11, 2022 "Pooch Plunge"

July 17, 2022 : "Rock the Dock"

August 27 & 28, 2022  "Dog Days of Summer"

September 10 & 11, 2022  "Soar Into September"

Preregister to attend and save $5 off per event! Registration is $5 more per Splash or It event on the day of. 

For practice TRY IT sessions and Training sessions are scheduled every weekend from mid May through September. Please contact us at (860) 621-7387 (PETS) to reserve your dog's spot in our sessions.

Event info: 

We can assure you that this is a NON intimidating, fun, friendly, family environment.  Wagging Tails host 4 to 7 competition weekend events each season. They are held rain or shine.  This is the opportunity for you, your dog, your family to meet other pet lovers, and enjoy a day by the pool watching these high (and low) flying dogs have a blast!  We make it a party!  Lunch is provided by WAGTAD each day of competition. Live music, raffles, lots of barking dogs and happy teams participate. Spectators are welcome and free.  However, we ask that spectators do not bring dogs that are not competing.

Friday nights before competitions allow WAGTAD Members Only to practice jump with their dogs.

Events are on Saturday and Sunday. You do not have to participate in both days. However, if your dog jumps far enough to make it into the finals, you do have to be present on Sunday afternoon to check in prior to the Finals commencement. On Saturday and Sunday,  there are Splashes, Chase It, Catch It and Fetch It events. You can sign up for one or all. As many events as you would like! Each dog gets 2 jumps per Splash/IT event.  The more you sign your dog up for, the more opportunity they have to extend their jump lengths and earn ribbons, rosettes and titles!

Preregistration via Jotform links accepts Paypal and all major credit cards. You may also contact us via phone to preregister.  We do not accept checks. We accept all major credit cards and cash for registrations on the day of events.

MEMBER Pricing per Splash is:

$20 to Preregister as a Member, $25 to register on site, day of.

MEMBER Pricing per Fetch/Catch/Chase-It is:

$25 to Pre-Register as a Member, $30 to register on site, day of.

(above prices include member discount)

NON MEMBERS pricing per Splash is:

$25 to Preregister,      $30 onsite registration day of event

MEMBER Pricing per Fetch/Catch/Chase-It is:

$30 to preregister,    $35 onsite registration day of event

All Youth Handlers: (16 and under)

MEMBER pricing Youth Handler per Splash: $10

Member pricing Youth Handler for It Events (Fetch it, Chase it, and Catch it) $15

Non-Member Youth Handler Pricing: $15 per Splash  

Non Member Youth Handler per It Events (Fetch it, Chase it, and Catch it) $20



Here are the Ultimate Air Dog Jump Divisions-  dogs are judged per Splash by where their tail set lands in the water. (This is where the base of their tail and butt meet)

Novice: 1"- 9'11"

Junior: 10 - 12"5"

Junior Elite 12'6" - 14'11"

Senior: 15' - 17'5"

Senior Elite: 17-6" - 19'11"

Master 20'- 22'5"

Master Elite: 22'6" - 24'

Ultimate 24'1"-26'

Ultimate Elite: 26'1" & up


Catch it Division

Master 10' - 54'11"

Master Elite 55' - 69'11"

Ultimate 70' - 79'11"

Ultimate Elite 80' & up


Chase it Divisions

Master 8 Sec. & up

Master Elite 7 - 7.99 Sec.

Ultimate 6 - 6.99 Sec

Ultimate elite 5.99 Sec. & below


Fetch it Divisions


17' and up