Our certified, nationally-recognized trainers get results. We work with you and your pet to build a happy relationship! The Wagging Tails training team has extensive experience in training U.S. Military working dogs, South African Anti-Poaching dogs and behavior modification in all breeds. Informative, gentle and patient instruction and education. From puppies to senior dogs, Wagging Tails' experienced trainers are here to help educate you and your dog, with classes in basic obedience, advanced obedience, Canine Good Citizen, swimming lessons, dock diving training and specific behavior modification. Does your dog have a bad habit that you would like to break? We can help! Do you want to teach your old dog, new tricks? We can do that too! Contact us for rates and information.


Training Options

  • Puppy Training - 10 weeks to 5 ½ months old
  • Intermediate Obedience - 6 months old and up
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Specific Behavior Modification
  • Daycare Training Program - while your dog is in daycare, it's like going to school! We teach them something new! (Additional fees apply)
  • Basic Obedience - 6 months old and up
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Dock Diving Training
  • Board and Train Program - while your pet is our guest, our trainer works with your dog to teach, enhance or enforce training techniques.

Obedience classes available 7 days a week. Pool activities by appointment and seasonal.

Additional Information

  • Classes are 6 weeks sessions - 1 hour, 1 day per week.
  • Group and/or Private one on one classes, in our training room.
  • Private at YOUR home training too.
  • Payment required at registration to reserve your spot in class. No refunds.
  • Class roster available at registration.