Indoor Dog Park Rules

Our mission is to create a safe, sanitary environment where your dog(s) can socialize, exercise and have fun, off leash. This list of rules may seem long, but if followed, you and your dog will enjoy it here!

  1. Use of the dog park is at your own risk. The owner/handler is responsible and liable for the actions and behaviors of their dog(s) at ALL times.
  2. You must register your dog(s) prior to entering the park.
  3. Membership is required. One membership (max 2 dogs) per household.
  4. Maximum of 2 dogs per owner, per visit to the dog park.
  5. All dogs must be up to date and current on vaccines.
  6. All dogs must be on treatments for flea, tick and parasite control.
  7. No children under 12 years of age allowed in dog park.
  8. All dogs over 12 months of age must be spayed/neutered.
  9. No dogs in heat may enter the dog park.
  10. No sick, injured or senior dogs allowed to enter the park.
  11. All dogs must be leashed upon entry and exit of the dog park. Leash must remain on human at all times.
  12. Dogs must be in sight of their owner at all times.
  13. Cell phone use is distracting. Please keep it to a minimum. You are responsible to supervise your dog at all times.
  14. Please clean up after your dog. Waste dispensers, cleaning products and hand sanitizer provided.
  15. Rough play is allowed if consensual between owners.
  16. Dog(s) who BARK excessively MUST LEAVE the park.
  17. If aggressive behavior is observed, IMMEDIATELY take action- move your dog, or LEAVE and inform a Staff member.
  18. Close all gates behind you.
  19. No food or eating on property. For both dogs and humans-sorry, no dog treats allowed!
  20. No glass containers on property. Plastic only.
  21. No sharing of dog water bowls. This is necessary to prevent illness.
  22. Absolutely no alcohol, no smoking, no vaping on property. Violaters will be banned from the park.
  23. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  24. During peak hours, Wagging Tails Staff reserve the right to limit entry to the dog park if there is a large amount of visitors. We ask that you are patient and wait in the lobby until guests exit.
  25. If a Staff member observes inappropriate behavior or disregard for these rules, by either humans, or dogs, you will be asked to vacate the premise. Violations of rules can result in membership revocation. No refunds.
  26. By entering the dog park, you acknowledge that you are aware of, understand, and will abide by these rules.