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Puppy in crate Wagging Tails Pet Sitting Service Farmington CT  What You Should Know About Dog Crates
If you are a dog owner but don’t own a dog crate, then you are missing out! Dog crates make pet ownership much easier, and are a great way to train man’s best friend. They also provide a safe haven for your dog to rest and relax, and are very useful if you travel.

So, what should you look for in a dog crate? Depending upon the crate’s main use, you’ll want to consider safety, size, durability, and how easy it is to clean.greyhound in crate Wagging Tails Pet Sitter in Connecticut

Safety First:

To determine whether a particular dog crate is a safe choice for your particular pet, take a good look at its design. How does the front door close? Steer clear of spring-loaded doors, which can snap shut on unsuspecting paws and tails. If the dog crate is wire, make sure that the grid size is small enough so that your dog’s paws can’t fall through. And it goes without saying that there should be no sharp edges or exposed wires.

NO MATTER WHAT TYPE OF CRATE YOU USE, please DO NOT put your pet inside the crate with a chain collar or training collar on! Accidents happen and your pet could be suffocated if the O ring of the collar loops around the crates hooks.
Determine the Crate’s Intended Use:

How you are going to use the dog crate should determine which kind you purchase. For example, if you travel by car and opt to bring your pet with you, a foldable, wire crate will fit the bill. If you travel by airplane you’ll most likely want a plastic, airline-approved model. Both wire and plastic crates are easy to clean and durable. Wire crates have the added benefits of increased visibility and ventilation.


The size of the crate is very important. The crate should be large enough so that the dog has plenty of room, but not so large that it isn’t cozy. The dog should have plenty of room to stand up and turn around, but should not be able to run from side to side. The only exception to this rule is if you are buying the crate for a puppy. In that case, you’ll want a crate that your dog can grow into.

fancy dog crate Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming in CTMore Dog Crate Tips:

Throughout your dog’s life there will definitely be situations in which he will need to be confined or crated. To that end, getting your dog used to being crated is very important! Show your dog that his crate is a safe place by placing comfortable blankets, appealing toys, and tasty treats inside. And never, ever use your dog’s crate as a means of punishment. The goal is to get your dog to love, accept, and find comfort in his crate, and he’ll never do that if he comes to associate it with negative circumstances. While a crate can be a very important part of your dog’s overall training, don’t use it to isolate your pet because of bad behavior.

Where to Find Your Dog Crate:

Dog crates in all different shapes and sizes, for a wide variety of purposes, are available from local and online pet retailers. Many pet-related retailers have articles and information regarding dog crates that can help you make the right choice. In our 20 years of pet care business, Wagging Tails Pet Sitters and Mobile Groomers have seen dog crate styles change from just wire and plastic, to ornate and attractive. Dog crates have become more appealing to your home’s design, and are very functional at the same time.

We believe that if you own a dog, a dog crate is a necessary tool in their upbringing and training. Dog crates are a standard piece of furniture in our homes! (860) 621-7387 (Pets)