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What Should Your Dog Drink To Stay Healthy?
Dog Water bowl 2 Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Southington CTA constant supply of fresh water is essential to your dog’s good health and comfort.  Water is very important, representing and estimated 70 percent of the dog’s weight.  Like man, a dog can go without food for a surprisingly long time, but if he is deprived of water, he can’t survive for more than a few days, or even hours, in a hot, dry environment.

A dog’s water consumption varies according to the climate to his activity, and to the composition of his meals.  Heat and exercise dehydrate him quickly.  He gets very thirsty in cars or any confined space.  However, excessive thirst for no good reason should be reported to your vet, because it may be an early symptom of diabetes or kidney trouble.

At home he should have a clean, full water bowl next to his food dish, another in his play area, and possibly a third one that is accessible at night.  Away from home the problem is more difficult.  A thirsty dog is attracted to water in the gutter, in stagnant pools and rain puddles.  Do not let your dog drink from these while on walks! Clean rain water is fine, but hard to find.

Caustic chemicals used to melt snow on streets and sidewalks, weed-killers and insecticides on lawns and golf courses contaminate most standing water and should be avoided.  Try to train your dog to drink only from his own bowl or what you offer him.  Try to keep a water-filled plastic container with you or in your car, especially if you plan on a lot of walking or running during hot weather. When visiting a dog park, do not let your dog drink from a shared water bowl. Consider purchasing a travel or portable drinking bowl like the one pictured here. dog water bowl travel Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Cheshire CT

Milk is the only liquid, aside from water, that appeals to dogs and still agrees with them, (although it may cause loose stools).  They are seldom tempted by other drinks and particularly dislike carbonated drinks.  Milk is always another good source of protein but should not be used as a substitute for meat.  Most any flavored drink should be avoided, as it only tends to irritate the kidneys, causing frequent urination and dehydration.  When in doubt, clean, fresh, bottled water is the best hydration for your thirsty pet.

dog water bowl 3 Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Wallingford CTAnd please, clean your pet’s water bowl daily! Just because it’s a bowl full of water, does NOT mean it’s clean! Empty the bowl daily, or several times a day. Wash it out well with soap, rinse it well and then add fresh water. Think about it…would you want to, or should you, drink out of the same cup daily without washing it out? No! So, our dogs need the same attention to their drinking bowl.

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