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Tips For Finding The Best Pet Halloween Costumes

These days there are so many pet Halloween costumes to choose from.
Silly, adorable, scary- you name it, they’re available. Stores like Target, Walmart, Petco and Petsmart offer them on the shelves starting in July. We also recommend visiting a local Goodwill or Savers stores. For the best selection visit the Internet. Here are a few of our favorites.

A few things to remember before buying:

Buy your pet Halloween costume early. This will ensure delivery well in advance of Wagging_Tails_new_logo_turquoise_blue01Halloween.

If your pet has never worn a costume before, or doesn’t regularly wear a sweater, jacket or halter, remember that they are not used to having anything on them. At first, your pet may be uncomfortable with their new attire.

So you should buy your costume early in the season and place it on your pet frequently prior to Halloween, or the date you want them to wear it. This will acclimate your pet to their new costume. This is necessary to make your pet comfortable wearing their costume.

Before purchasing a pet Halloween costume make sure the return policy allows returns prior to Halloween.

Then be sure to measure your pet. Most costume packaging and online sites have measurement size guides. In order for the costume to properly fit your pet comfortably, you must measure. Costumes that don’t fit properly are a safety hazard for your pet.

If your new Pet Halloween costume doesn’t fit properly or if your pet just won’t wear it, then a return policy is a must!

chef dog Halloween Wagging Tails Pet Sitting Mobile Grooming Dog Walking Cat Sitting Southington CTWhen deciding on a pet Halloween costume be sure to keep in mind your pet’s personality, shape, and breed. A costume that you see online may look great in the ad, but may not be appropriate for your pet.

If your pet doesn’t like their paws or ears touched, then don’t choose a costume that has foot pads or ear covers.

Do not take your pet’s ID tags off when you put on their costume. For their safety and security, it is always best to leave it on.

Although you may think it is cute or funny, it is absolutely not a good idea to bring your costumed pet trick or treating. We do NOT recommend it. Stress and anxiety from seeing others in strange costume can be a safety concern. Dogs don’t understand costumes, lights, loud noises and boisterous children. They can often get “spooked”, run off, and get lost.

So, keep your costumed pet indoors. And away from the front door, the ringing bell and trick or treaters who visit your home. If you have a pet who barks when the doorbell rings, or does not like strangers visiting your home, then to prevent stress on your pet, or a bite, or the possibility your pet may run out the door, you should keep your pet confined to a safe, secure, quiet area of your home, while trick or treaters visit.

Keep the Halloween candy in a safe, secure location! Hide that stash! Do not share or give any candy to your pet. Your pet could get very sick or even worse!

With these recommendations, you and your pet will have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween! Plus they’ll look adorable. So be sure to take lots of photos!

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