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This is a guest blog contributed by our awesome team member and Wagging Tails Pet Sitter in Connecticut: 
Jessica Walsh. Tonight I had to pet sit in a familiar Connecticut home. 
They had just recently put down one of their animals whom I had the pleasure of getting to know. 
It made my heart hurt to know such a beautiful pet, inside and out, was no longer among us 
in this world. However, it made me realize that this job is not just filled with jess and mika 2
sadness as if we lost one of our own family members. I wanted to remember all 
the good that being a pet sitter has to offer. So here it is.. among the many 
perks of being a pet sitter in Connecticut: 
While other's are fast asleep we are able to witness the changing colors in 
the sky during our early am visits walking a dog. The beautiful hues from the 
sunrise make you think to yourself today is going to be a good day. Being able 
to experience the warm welcome of a wagging tail, or a friendly kiss from a 
familiar friend who knows you all too well. Or the purr of a kitten from simply 
scratching the side of their face just right. That moment a dog or cat finally 
rolls over and trusts you to rub their bellies for the first time. While other's 
are confined to the inside of a building pet sitter's are able to feel the rush 
of the the cool autumn breeze on an afternoon walk, or the warmth of the summer 
sun on our skin. Being a pet sitter has made me learn to appreciate the fleeting 
beauty this world has to offer, and the lasting memories made with such loved 
 Our clients pets become like our very own. We look forward to seeing our 
furry friends when we walk in the door time and time again. This job has so many smokey rikard kitty
beautiful things to offer it is hard to write it all down. As a pet sitter of 
two years I have grown very attached to my clients pets, and I look forward to 
the new bonds I will make in the future. Today, and every other day I must 
remind myself that I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to know each and 
every wagging tail that comes my way. To not grow bitter, and sad with each 
passing of a pet, but to be thankful I ever had the opportunity to know such 
loving souls. 
So this is dedicated to you Smokey, the beautiful black panther pictured here, that could 
always put a smile on a pet sitter's face. Your warm welcomes will be forever 
missed, and your memory will always live on in our hearts. I will always be 
grateful for having had the chance of meeting you my friend, and for having such 
a rewarding job, because ultimately it never feels like work when you love what 
you do. 

Author, Jessica Walsh has been a lifelong animal lover and a team member at Wagging Tails Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming Service for over 2 years.
That's Jessica in the photo getting kisses from her friend! (860) 621-7387 (Pets)