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Professional Pet sitting services – A good alternative for you and your pet

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The summer vacation season often brings worry to pet owners about what to do with their pets while they’re gone for summer vacation. The thought of brining your pet to a kennel, a strange place, is ridden with guilt. And traveling with your pet is not always an option. In the past when an individual would travel for business or a family would vacation, they would rely on neighbors, grandparents or relatives to see to the needs of their pets.  However, these people are not always available and are not trained pet care professionals who are experienced and prepared for whatever unpredictable escapade may occur with your pet in your absence. The predicament about your pet’s care in your absence is often stressful enough to make many pet parents 20th anni transparentjust stay home!

But pet owner’s world wide can breathe a sigh of relief…. that they have Professional pet sitting service option for their pet, when they travel.

Hiring a Pet sitting service is a tried-and-true solution that may work for many.
Under general title the term “Pet sitter” covers a  wide range of options lumped together- everything from a reciprocal agreement between friends to care for each other’s pets, to paying a neighbor kid to look in on your pet, to hiring a Professional pet-sitting service to care for your pet in your own home.

However, the term Professional Pet Sitter indicates just that. And when hiring a Pet Sitter to care for your pet, why wouldn’t you hire a Professional?

Professional Pet Sitters proof of their experience is presented to pet owners with a business license, bonding, insurance, education, training in pet cpr and first aid, a website, client references, criminal back ground check, membership in professional pet care organizations and so on. Whereas, hiring the kid next door or asking a coworker who loves animals, may seem like the cheaper and easier alternative, it is unlikely that they possess all the skills, training and experience that a Professional Pet Sitter has.

Professional Pet Sitting Services, such as Wagging Tails Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming Service in Connecticut, once the minority, now are available in almost town, state, country across the globe! They are as popular and as readily available as your local kennel. However, the options that a Professional Pet Sitter, especially the sitters at Wagging Tails Pet Sitting, provides are far more advantageous to the health and well being of your pet. AND kennels don’t care for birds, rabbits, fish, or exotic pets. So, leaving those pets at home, with a Wagging Tails Pet Sitter is convenient and just makes SENSE!  Any traveler can enjoy their trip knowing that all is well on the home front. The pets get to stay in their own home, around their own things, eating their own food, and they get to go out and play like they usually would on their regular routine. The added benefits that a Professional Pet Sitter provides, such as taking in your mail and newspaper, watering your houseplants, and turning lights on and off, is an added bonus to an already convenient service

Your pets are happier in their more familiar surroundings.  Hiring a Professional Pet Sitting Service to care for yoour pets where they are happiest and most familiar ensures their happiness while you are away. (860) 621-7387 (pets)