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Did you know that Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming also provides Pet Waste Removal services?! [clear]

AKA Poop Scooping….[clear] We’ll do the dirty work for you!! [clear]

We’re all excited for Spring to be here!… [clear]


The warm weather, birds chirping, sun on our faces, and melting snow is heaven sent this time of year! BUT, when the snow melts, and there’s a mushy mess in your yard. It’s more than just nasty to look at…it’s unhealthy and unsanitary. And once it’s mush, your pet will undoubtedly step in it, and then what? Well…when your pet comes inside, the poop does too. Yuck. [clear]

Spring Pet Waste Removal is perhaps one of the most important times to focus on cleaning up after your pet. Let’s face it…none of us want to go outside all winter and scoop poop. So, yes, it does pile up out there! And if you have more than one dog?, well then it REALLY piles up. [clear]

If left unattended to,  unscooped poop can lead to some serious health issues for both humans and their pet.[clear]

According to , the following are some diseases that could affect your dog if pet waste is left to accumulate.[clear]

Parvo Virus – A deadly virus that enters your pet orally. This virus causes extreme fluid loss and can lead to death.

Whipworms – These worms reside in the large intestine. Eggs are found within feces, and can live in moist soil for years.

Hookworms – These worms are blood suckers found in the intestines. Hookworms can be transmitted to humans.

Roundworms – These worms can affect your dog’s breathing and digestion

Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Service will scoop your pet’s poop. We’ll come once or weekly! Whatever you desire. Our recommendation for the health and safety of your pet and family, is to keep a regular poop scoop schedule with us. As the weather gets warmer, your pet’s will eat it, roll in it and step in it.[clear]

So a regular schedule of Pet Waste Removal, will keep everyone happy, healthy and safe. (the neighbors will thank you too!)[clear]

Contact us today for more information about our Award Winning services. (860) 621-7387 (pets) [clear]

And…if your pet does happen to roll in it (ugh!), give us a call, we’ll come to you in our mobile groom salon on wheels and clean them up!