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Safe pets Thanksgiving Wagging Tails Pet Sitter in Southington, Cheshire, ConnecticutTips to Keep Your Pets Calm During Holiday Celebrations

There’s one family member that many people forget about during holiday family gatherings: the pet.

With the hustle and bustle of the season, many dogs and cats get overly excited when friends and family gather. This not only can annoy your visitors, it also can be harmful to your pet.

But you don’t have to keep your animal crated or locked in a room in order to avoid problems. The following tips will help your pet stay calm enough to not miss out on the holiday fun:

pet christmas photo* Give your pet an extra workout. Taking your pet for an extra long walk, or having a longer playtime, can help tire your pet out before the party starts.

* Encourage guests to greet with care. As the partygoers trickle in,  ask your guests to calmly greet your pet. Giving an excited greeting can encourage your pet to do the same.

* Relax your pet with a supplement.  Calming products,  can help your pet relieve hyperactivity.  Pet Calming Sprays act quickly to relieve restlessness, fear, nervousness and aggression and helps antsy pets sleep throughout the night. You can make your own pet calming spray with natural oils.

Items you will need
Small spray bottle
4 ounces distilled water
6 drops lavender oil
4 drops chamomile oil
4 drops sweet marjoram oil

This mixture also works well when thunderstorms are on the horizon. Spritz a bit of this calming spray around your home to alleviate your pet’s stress and anxiety.

* Amuse your pet with a toy. To distract your pet from jumping up on guests or getting into things, we recommend using toys as a distraction. For dogs, toys with hiding places for treats are suggested. Catnip toys will keep cats busy.

* Reward good behavior a few times during the event. We  suggest keeping treats handy. Encourage your guests to refrain from feeding your pet “people food.” Using it as a treat can lead to your pet begging for more at your guests’ feet.

If all else fails, we suggest having an all natural marrow bone on hand. Buy ahead of time in the grocery meat section, leave in freezer and give to your dog when company arrives. Be sure to have the bone cut into large pieces so there is no danger of choking, swallowing, or bone becoming lodged on your pet’s jaw. (see photo)  It is absolutely necessary to beef marrow bonesgive marrow bones or any treats, to your dog in a quiet, secure place, where he won’t be disturbed, upset, or get protective over the bone. And as it is a raw meat bone, clean up of the area is necessary afterwards. However, it will keep your pet occupied for a long time! And they will enjoy the treat.

With these easy to follow tips, your entire family, including your pet (they’re part of the family too, right!?), will have  peaceful, fun and Happy Holidays!    Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC is an award winning pet care service of 20 years in CT. If you’re traveling for the Holidays, we’ll care for your pet in the comfort and security of your home! Servicing over 35 towns incmarrow bone on dogs mouth Wagging Tails Pet Sitter in Cheshire Connecticutluding Southington, Cheshire, Meriden, North Haven, Wallingford, Bristol, Plainville, Wolcott, Waterbury, West Hartford, Farmington and so many more!Wagging_Tails_new_logo_turquoise_blue01