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How to plan for your pet’s care in the event of your death or illness (Part 1)

Have you ever thought of what would happen to your pets, if something happened to you?

senior with cat To put it bluntly, if you should pass away unexpectedly, do you know what is going to happen to your pet?

Who will continue caring for your most trusted companion?

Who will love them as much as you do? Have you made these arrangements yet?

You have opened your heart and your home, to your furry family. You love them as your children, and you care for them with all your heart. And you know that YOU have accepted the responsibility to love and care for your pets as a lifelong commitment. But, what happens if, on the awful chance incident that your life is cut short? Or if you are either temporarily or permanently incapacitated?

If any of these unfortunate life altering, or life ending, events happen to you, do you have a documented plan for the ongoing care of your pets?

You most certainly should.

It’s a situation that most pet parents don’t think about, or prepare for. And it happened to me.

Why am I sharing my very personal experience with you?

Because, Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming offers a very personal, customized service, that begins with a relationship built on trust.

As a Wagging Tails client, you trust us to enter your homes, and you welcome us into your lives, to care for your pet family.  You share your personal life with US. You trust our expertise, our training, our input, our experience. So I want to offer you my input, to be sure you, our client family,  can learn from our mistakes, our accomplishments, and our experiences. I want to welcome you into MY life, my home and my family too. In the sincere hopes that you will truly learn from my own experiences, and act on your own, to make life even better, for you and your pets.

In the next few series of blog articles, I will be sharing my personal experiences with you regarding long term pet care planning. I’m doing so in the hopes that each of you reading this, immediately make it a priority to: a) contact your attorney, or b) visit an online legal site (ie Legalzoom), or c )research and use other options, to prepare for your pet’s future, in the event of your prolonged, or permanent, absence from their lives. If by sharing my stories in this blog,  I help just one pet from having an uncertain future, then it will have been worth it, to have shared these very personal, very painful emotional experiences, with you!

Stay tuned….and in the meantime, please look into, or get started on a plan for your pet’s care- in the event of your untimely death or incapacitating illness. And if you have any immediate questions, contact us!

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