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How To Be A Good Dog Owner

CodyNBefore making the decision about buying or rescuing a new dog, and becoming a dog owner, here are some points you should consider :

1. Is someone at home for most of the day ? If not, have you arranged for a pet sitter or dog walker?

A dog, especially a puppy, should not be left on its own for more than a few hours at a time. If you are out of your home and at work for 8 hours or more a day, don’t get a dog unless you can make satisfactory arrangements with a professional pet sitter or dog walker to visit your dog during that time.OpiBassJulesSch

2. What about holidays ?

It is sad to say that more dogs are destroyed at holiday time than any other. Sadly people who impulsively get a pet, forget that they have to have someone care for their pet, in their absence. If one cannot afford the pet care options, or find someone to help them for free, then the alternative is to surrender their pets to shelters. In short, people travel during the holidays. Your pet may not be able to travel with you. You will have to hire a Professional pet sitter or bring your pet to a boarding kennel. Because of the increase in running costs, reputable kennels now have to make a higher charge – don’t forget to book well ahead. Or you may choose to rely on a friend, neighbor or family member. Each one of these options have their own pros and cons. See here to compare.

3. Are you prepared for the cost of keeping a dog ?

This includes not only the cost of food, and pet sitters, but also the cost of vaccinations and also possible veterinary fees in case of illness. A dog, like a child, can fall ill quite suddenly and unexpectedly, so be prepared for any eventuality. Take out pet insurance for peace of mind.

4. Exercise

To keep healthy and happy, dogs need daily exercise, and this means a good run in a field or park, or a game with a ball, not just a stroll round to the Wagging Tails pup staff photo contest winner mika 2shops on a leash. If you love your dog, be prepared to sacrifice some of your leisure time each day, whatever the weather. If you can’t provide this kind of exercise to a dog, consider giving a home to an older dog. Your local pet shelter home may have just the right one for you.

5. Family circumstances

Dogs and children usually love each other and get on well, but don’t make the mistake of buying a young puppy for a small child. Young children do not understand how to properly handle and care for a new puppy. They could easily injure the pup.  Wait until the children are older and a little more responsible.  Sadly, divorce is devastating for your pet too. Think about the status of your relationship before agreeing to add a pet to your family.

poodle6. Grooming

If you don’t have much time to spare, choose a dog with a smooth or wire coat which needs little attention to keep it tidy. Long and curly coated dogs look beautiful, but they need daily grooming to keep them this way. Poodles and other curly haired breeds, need regular trimming, as well as grooming, so unless you are able to do this yourself be prepared for extra expense.

Having a pet is a lifelong commitment. You choose them, they don’t choose you. So please, before you make the important decision to add a pet to your family, keep in mind you will share many years together and it is up to YOU to keep them, happy, healthy and safe for their entire life!

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