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How does your pet sitter adjust to daylight savings time?[clear]

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour this Saturday night before ydaylight savings 2ou go to bed (or Sunday morning for those of you who stay up late).  It’s daylight savings time, the official start to Spring. I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for the Spring. But, I’m not excited to lose one hour of sleep![clear]

Did you ever think about your pets and how they adjust to daylight savings time?[clear]

Although you may not think that changing our clocks affects your pets, it does. When daylight savings time ends in the Fall, pet owners and pet sitters don’t usually enjoy the luxury of that extra hour of sleeping in. Your pet’s bladder can’t tell time. So your pet wakes you up to go out at their usual time and NOT one hour later.  However, when we turn our clocks ahead in the Spring, pet owners MAY then get to enjoy that an extra hour of sleep because your pet is still on Winter time.  But that sleeping in is short lived. When the sun starts shining brighter earlier in the day, your pet’s internal alarm clock will definitely catch up to your own alarm clock. [clear]

daylight savings 3 However, most pet parents don’t realize that for those pets on time sensitive medications, like insulin and anti-seizure phenobarbital, the changing of our clocks, means the immediate adjustment of your pet’s daily schedule is necessary. Your Professional Pet Sitter can help you, with helping your pet, adjust to a slight schedule change.[clear]

How does your Wagging Tails Pet Sitter help your pet adjust to daylight savings time?  We adjust our visit times, to aid in adjusting their bladder relief, and medication schedules. Gradual adjustments of our arrival times to your visits by 15-30 minutes, will assist in adjusting your pet to their daily routine. [clear]

Creatures of habit they are! So your Wagging Tails Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker know that keeping your pet at home, where their habits and routines are followed, is what makes, and keeps them, happiest. Your Wagging Tails Pet Sitter and Dog Walker know how to adjust your pet to daylight savings time to keep your pet happy and healthy![clear]

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