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puppy for life Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Southington CT“Daddy, Can I Have A Puppy For Christmas?”
Sooner or later, every parent is likely to hear: “Please, can I have a puppy?”

Rather than dodge the question, parents should consider whether their family is ready for a pet.

Parents should weigh the pros and cons of adding a pet to the household before agreeing to a child’s request. A pet can teach children responsibility and become a wonderful addition to a family, or it can be a burden. Families should consider the following before deciding.

Who will care for the pet? Families should agree beforehand who will be responsible for feeding, walking, bathing and cleaning up after the pet.

Do you have space for a pet? Families living in apartments or townhouses may puppy for christmas Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming in CTprefer a cat, a bird or fish, rather than a Labrador retriever. Check the library or Internet to learn more about different types and breeds of pets to determine the one most suitable for your family.

Owning a pet is time consuming and may be expensive. Grooming, veterinarian bills, food, training, all adds up.  Family members should realize that they may have to give up other activities to properly care for a pet. If the prospect seems too daunting, parents may suggest waiting until the child is old enough to help care for an animal.

Tpuppy christmas Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & mobile Grooming in CThe whole family should meet the animal before deciding to take it home. Owning a pet is a long-term commitment, so think carefully before adopting a furry new family member. Getting a puppy for Christmas is a wonderful idea, and an amazing gift, however, the joy on Christmas day is followed by many years of work, training, walking, poop scooping and many more chores. Of course, we think the perfect Christmas gift is a pet…it’s the gift that keeps on giving unconditional love for many years to come. For more advice on pet care, feel free to contact us. 20 years of our professional pet care¬†experience offers excellent information to anyone considering adding a pet to their family. Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Service LLC (860) 621-7387 (Pets)Merry Christmas Wagging Tails Pet Sitter in CT Mobile Groomer in CT