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When our energetic dogs are confined indoors because of rain, they experience many dull moments since they cannot go for their usual walk outside or play in the yard. However, if it rains, and you and your dog can still have a good time. Luckily, many exciting games can be played indoors with your dog; these games will keep your pup active on both physical and mental levels during rainy seasons. 

These are some of the fun rainy-day activities that can be used to entertain your dog this rainy season:

Game of hide and sek with toys and treats as the items to be hidden and sought after

Games like hide and seek — to a certain extent –also help provide an outlet for the natural scavenging behavior of a dog. Set up an indoor hide-and-seek game and get down on the floor and crawl like a dog. Hide toys and treats for your dog to search for. They must start with the accessible places to reach first so that they can learn the game better.

DIY Puzzle Toys

On rainy afternoons, you might want to pull out the creativity of Martha Stewart and create some puzzle toys where you feed your dog their meals or treats.

DIY Puzzle Toys

Simply take an empty cardboard box, paper towel roll, or plastic bottle to serve as a container to put treats into and:

– Place the kibble or small training treats you want to use for your dog into the container.

– Use tennis balls, old socks, egg cartons, or anything else that you may have to cover the holes.

– Allow your dog to roll on it, nibble it, and paw the container to pop out the blockages and reveal the yummy treats inside.

Indoor Agility Course

If it is rainy outside, your dog needs to get some exercise anyway, so why not create a miniature agility course in your hallway or living room? The tunnels can be made using items found in the home. In contrast, the jumps can be made from folding chairs ladders, the platforms can be made from tables and chairs, and the slalom poles can be made from broomsticks and other similar items.

Here are some ideas for homemade agility equipment:

– Use cardboard boxes that are opened or laundry baskets for the tunnel.

– Use obstacles such as pillows, cushions, or books, which have to be jumped over.

– Have a robust bench or even an ottoman to serve as a base.

– Prepare some water bottles in a line as the slalom poles

Trick Training Sessions

As much as rain can be tiresome for most people, it is the perfect weather for teaching your dog some new tricks! Training sessions are great not only for creating an enjoyable time with your dog but also for teaching new stuff to your pet. If your dog already knows the basics like sit, down, stay, and come, you can start working on more advanced tricks like:

 – Rotating in a circle

– Crawling 

– Playing dead

– Rolling over

– Speak/be quiet

To achieve this, divide each new trick into small stages with the help of a positive reinforcement form. Keep the session short, but at least do it for about five to 10 minutes or until your dog loses interest or gets tired. Chopping up such sessions and doing them in short and consistent intervals on rainy days will ensure that the newly acquired skills are fine-tuned. Reward their effort by giving them compliments and maybe a small gift to make them feel appreciated. 

Indoor Fetch Games

It may not be possible to go outside to throw a ball around for your dog to get some exercise if the weather is terrible, but do not fear because there are plenty of fun games you and your pup can play indoors. Use softer indoor balls or safe toys such as socks or squeeze and chew toys.

Indoor Fetch Games

Try these ideas:

Long hallway fetches: You should stand at a reasonable distance apart in a straight hallway and then start calling another household member to ‘get it’ as you throw a soft fetch toy to that person. Your dog will run around focusing on grabbing it first before the person does so!

Stair sprints: Have your dog stay at the top of a staircase or a landing and then toss a soft “fetch” toy to the landing or at the bottom of the stairs. The command, “Go get it!” tells them to run up and down the stairs to get the toy and return it to their hand.

Snuffle Mat Foraging

When the weather is nice outside, take your dog out for an adventure, and on those rainy and dreary days, engage your dog’s snout with a snuffle mat with hidden goodies. A snuffle mat is a mat made of material designed to resemble grass or soil in which dogs would typically look for food or smells. It is as simple as tossing some kibble, small treats, or fruits/veggies pieces into the snuffle mat string and watching your dog have a good time searching.

Pups can use their mighty snout to detect and “search” for the hidden treasures under the mat. It stimulates their innate desire to feed and keeps them busy and physically active as they search for all the concealed delicacies. There’s also a way to introduce a little bit more fun during playtime: put some toys, toys that your dog loves the most, in the snuffle mat fibers.

Make Your Dog Ready for the Indoors Entertainment

Rain should not be a reason for a playful human and a pet to stay indoors and not have fun. Being locked inside the house does not mean that you and your dog cannot engage in various activities during the rainy season. Be sure to use the guidelines and suggestions for happy indoor playtime with your dog.