Puppy Nursery Daycare Program

At Wagging Tails, we strongly believe that from the very first day that your pup becomes a part of your family, they require and deserve the same care, education and attention that human infants should receive. The questions we receive most – from both new puppy parents, to experienced dog owners, is “What do I do with my pup, while I’m at work, school, or away?”

Wagging Tails has the solution!

We offer midday dog walks at your home via our Professional Pet Sitting Service OR, you can enroll you pup in our Puppy Nursery Daycare Program. Now available at both of our Pet Resorts.

We believe that a puppy should be well socialized with humans and other puppies, comfortable in different surroundings, and should begin basic training commands as early as the ages of 8 to 16 weeks old. That is why we have created this unique program which is specifically designed for puppies of that age.

While in our care, your pup will be exposed to, and participate in:

  • Playtime, which includes use of play equipment (having your puppy get used to steps, tunnels, ball pits, ball fetching),
  • Leashtime - getting used to wearing a collar and walking on a leash,
  • Naptime – on cozy, chewproof Kuranda beds,
  • Snack time (must be provided by parents to keep their digestive systems comfortable),
  • More playtime (enrichment toys),
  • More naptime,
  • Potty training,
  • Basic obedience training,
  • & More!

Teeth brushing to get them used to having their mouths touched. Pawdicures to aid in getting used to paws being touched. First baths to acclimate to water and grooming sounds. Additional fees apply.

Just like humans, each puppy has their very own personality, breed traits and size. The Puppy Nursery Daycare is personalized to each puppy’s individuality. There is nothing as heartwarming and fun as watching a group of puppies in play. At Wagging Tails, we know our Puppy Nursery Daycare Program is not only adorable, it is actually a critical component in creating a friendly, well-mannered adult dog. In fact, most of the behavioral problems we see in adult dogs could have been prevented or quickly corrected with proper socialization as a puppy.

Your puppy will have fun, and gain confidence while working on their canine communication in a safe, upbeat atmosphere filled with lots of new friends! Plus, they come home happy and tired! We are confident that with our help and care, your pup will grow up to be a happy, socialized, educated, well adjusted, healthy member of your family.

Specific Vaccine Requirements

Puppies will not be allowed to participate in Wagging Tails Puppy Nursery Daycare without proof of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian. Proof is required BEFORE your puppy’s first day.

The following vaccinations are required for puppies in our Puppy Nursery Daycare Program:
If you have any questions about these required vaccines, please contact us and your veterinarian.

  • Age 8 weeks: One round of DHPP, Bordetella
  • Age 11 weeks: Second round of DHPP, Canine Influenza
  • Age 12 weeks: Rabies vaccines
  • Age 14 weeks: Third round of DHPP, Second Canine Influenza

By approximately 12 to 16 weeks of age, puppy must be up to date on Lepto vaccine, Rabies vaccine, at least 2 rounds of DHPP, Canine Influenza and Bordetella vaccines.

ALL puppies, regardless of age, must have proof of a negative fecal for parasites, giardia and ova.

Once your pup completes their 16 weeks of Puppy Nursery Daycare they can be admitted into our regular daycare program at either our Wolcott or West Hartford location. No additional evaluation is required unless specified by our trainer.